Breathwork Training

HOLOS Transpersonal Training School

Begin: 24th to 27th of October 2019

A training in Breathwork, how it is developed from Stan and Christina Grof, in 10 modules á 4 days (400 hours) over 3 years with professional members of the European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS). With several added requirements you may get the Certification of a professional member of the EUROTAS.



We are still working at the curriculum – being also in contact with Stan and Brigitte Grof.

Place: Near Bucharest, Romania in the school of the Clinical Psychologist Cristina Alexandra Andrei (Tulcea, Rumänien). 


Trainer: Lyudmila Scortescu (President of the Transpersonal Association Moldova), Bernadette Blin (President of the European Transpersonal Association, Paris) and Kati Wortelkamp. Other trainers will be: Magister Dennis Johnson (Tibet- and Buddhism-Searcher, Wien), Dr. Pier Luigi Lattuada (Klinische Psychologe, Milano) und Prof. Jure Biechonski (Transpersonaler Therapeut, Estland)

Fee: 399 €/ Modul

Next dates in 2020:

13.-16. February

23.-26. April

25.-28. June

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